S.O.R.T. Study Method

Sorting through the Holy Scriptures in order to understand and live our God’s spoken Word.

Pray First:

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you and teach you as you dive into His Word. (Ephesians 1:16-23)

S: Scripture

Read the passage of scripture once before marking anything to familiarize yourself with the text.

Read out loud several times.

Read in more than one translations.

O: Observation & Comprehension “What does it say?”

  • Annotate the passage of scriptures: Mark it up!!Repeated words, phrases or ideas
    • Characteristics of God
    • Define and mark unknown words
    • Define and mark familiar words that catch your attention.
    • Key transition words (if/then, therefore, but…) and draw an arrow to connect a concluding thought to its beginning argument.
    • Confusing ideas
    • Answer: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY questions as you dissect and unpack the scripture.

R: Research & Interpretation “What does it mean?”

  • Consult different translations, again 🙂
  • Look up related cross references
  • Paraphrasing
  • Ask yourself: “What would the original audience have thought?”

T: Think & Reflect:  “How should it change me?”

  • God-Centered Perspective
  • What does this passage teach me about God?
  • How does this aspect of God’s character change my view of self?
  • What should I do in response?

S: Say it out loud: pray it back to God.

  • Write out a prayer using the scripture you studied.
  • Pray the verse and the prayer you just wrote back to God.

Check out this YouTube video for a visual example.


Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin


Bible Hub