Friendship: An Unshakable Community

Scriptures to Read

Exodus 17:8-12, 1 Samuel 18:1-4, 20 and 23:14-18, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Matthew 18:20, Acts 14:8-20


No one wants to go though life alone. A friend is one who is there in times of sadness and joy. Jesus says that He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He’s our best friend. He’s the one we need to seek first when times are hard and give Him thanks before sharing good news. He’s our everything and when we realize this truth we can live a life of freedom– fully alive.

Although Jesus is our BFF, He stills wants us to do life together and be surrounded with God-fearing women; friends that will encourage, motivate, listen and turn our focus back toward Jesus.

I have had struggles in the past with making and keeping friends. High school was especially hard for me. Those are years I do not want to revisit and for good reason. I didn’t make good choices that aligned with my faith and I had my heart broken one to many times by friends I thought were in it for the long haul. With those struggles I found solace in my relationship with Jesus and realized He wouldn’t leave me or forget about me. He wouldn’t toss me to the side for better friends. He wouldn’t stop talking to me because I made a mistake. He truly is in it for the long haul— thick or thin– better or worse.

I remember praying for a godly girlfriend, a friend that would encourage me and be someone I could share a mutual passion for God. He has answered my prayers in more ways than I can count. I have a circle of girlfriends that have become my unshakable community. These are ladies I can share my heart, my fears, ambitions, desires, struggles and more; knowing they will encourage me, pray for and with me, and turn my focus toward Jesus.

“When our friendships are based on our common love for God and our desires for God’s best for each other, then our friendships can be as tough and true and deep as the on between David and Jonathan.” (Women’s Devotional Bible 2006 Edition pg. 351)

Friendship is one of the best gifts God created. We were never meant to live life alone. The Bible is full of friendships that give us godly examples of how two are better than one.

Paul had Barnabas. (Acts 14:8-20)

Paul and Barnabas went all over Galatia preaching the gospel and bringing people to Jesus. While in Lystra, Galatia Paul was beaten and dragged outside the city. Barnabas along with other believers surrounded Paul and prayed for him. Afterwards Paul got up and went back into the city. God uses friends to pray for us in times we can’t carry the burden alone. We need to be surrounded by praying women.

Moses had Aaron and Hur. (Exodus 17:8-12)

During the battle against the Amalekites, Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms during the battle because every time Moses lowered his arms, holding the staff, the Israelites would start to lose. God uses friends to hold us up when we are too weak to carry on.

David had Jonathon. (1 Samuel 23:14-18)

David, the warrior king, needed encouragement from Jonathon when all hope seemed lost. God uses our friends to point us back to Him and His word. Our minds, the world and our feelings often have too much input into our lives. God’s Word is most important and truest truth.

Jesus had 12 disciples (specifically Peter, James & John). (Matthew 26:36-39)

If Jesus needs friends… we ALL need friends. He poured His heart out about His impended death to Peter, James and John right before He was arrested and crucified. God uses our friends to help shoulder the hardships and trials by sitting with us, listening and praying with us.

Ruth had Naomi. (Ruth 1:16-18)

Naomi thought her life was over. He husband and sons were all dead. Yet, Ruth stood by her side and gave her a new life to enjoy with a grandson that would be a descendant of Jesus. God uses friends to add joy to our lives and bring us happiness.

Paul had Silas. (Acts 16:16-40)

While in Philippi, Paul and Silas were beaten, flogged, stripped and imprisoned together. They also witnessed a miracle when God opened the jail doors and the jailer was saved. God uses friends to stand with us through trials and be there when we come out. It’s better to endure together and have a victory to praise God for when you reach the other side. God uses friends to mutually encourage one another.

“The impulse of love that leads us to the doorway of a friend is the voice of God within and we need to be afraid to follow it.” Agnes Sanford 

Take some time to thank God for the friends you have in your life and ask God to surround you with friends who love Him and seek Him first. God wants us to be in community and live life to the fullest — together.

If you’re not in a small group community at your local church I would encourage you to join if available. If not, maybe you could start one. God will meet all your needs according to His riches and glory. He won’t leave you without friends; allow yourself to be sensitive to His leading and step out in faith. Friendships take time to grow and strengthen. Don’t be discouraged if your first try doesn’t succeed. Have faith and know Jesus is your FIRST Best Friend– always available.

Research and Define

Blue Letter Bible

  1. Friend


Questions and Reflections:

  1. How does the Word describe friendship?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be the type of friend God’s Word describes?
  3. Describe another friendship found in the Bible.
  4. Describe how God uses friends to build His Kingdom.
  5. What does God say about His role in friendships? (Eccl. 4:12)

Memorize and Meditate

Ecclesiastes 4:12

With God in the center nothing is impossible.


Heavenly Father I come to you in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for surrounding me with friends who love You. It’s my hearts desire to be a good, loving friend. Help me to be the kind of friend you’ve called me to be. Ultimately, You are my first and best Friend. I love You and want to know You more.

In Jesus’ Name,


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